Enjoy The Monsoon Season with Special Adrak Masala Chai

Enjoy The Monsoon Season with Special Adrak Masala Chai

Two Cup of Adrak Masala Chai

After the sweltering heat has taken its toll, the monsoon season delivers a welcome reprieve in the form of rain. The temperature is much more pleasant because of the gentle shivers and cool air. You have a good reason to grab some munchies and a nice cup of masala chai when the weather is this perfect. You just can’t deny that monsoon is the official season of tea. Amidst this season, we don’t have to invent manufactured reasons to continue sipping our treasured beverage, cup after cup. The weather naturally provides us with all the justification we need.

The connection between Monsoon and Masala Chai

Nothing compares to a steaming cup of tea along with piping hot samosas and pakoras. The rains are closely associated with masala chai. Nothing matches the fragrance of strong cardamom filling your nose and evoking memories of lovely summer evenings spent with a warm cup of tea and a scrumptious snack. For many people, the aroma of spices brewing for a cup of tea is like a warm, fuzzy memory of their mother asking them to wake up on a peaceful monsoon morning when the sun plays hide and seek behind the clouds.

 It is safe to say that enjoying chai while watching the rain is everyone’s favourite thing to do in India. The experience is far more fantastic than one could initially think. A person’s day can naturally come to a halt with the rain. Once the rain starts falling heavily, there is absolutely nowhere to go. Usually, waiting things out is the best course of action. Sipping on a hot glass of chai can be incredibly relaxing as the rain and winds play a symphony around you.

Make the monsoon season amazing with this special cup of tea.  Enjoy the best of both worlds with adrak masala chai rather than having to choose between savoury adrak and spicy masala chai! The best part is that this tea recipe is quite simple; in just a few minutes, you can have a hot cup of adrak masala chai. Find the Adrak Masala chai recipe below:

Masala chai recipe: A chai with a special ginger twist

You must first prepare the masala component of this adrak masala chai before making the tea. You’ll need a mortar and pestle to ground the cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. This will serve as the tea’s masala. Finely chop some ginger and set it aside.

Bring water to a boil in a saucepan and sprinkle the masala into the boiling water as per your preferred taste. Bask in the zesty aroma as the water turns light brown. Add some crushed ginger followed by tea leaves and sugar. Watch as the tea leaves unfurl, releasing their deep colour and earthy scent into the brew. The rich, golden-brown liquid will carry the enticing scent of ginger and spices. Add the milk after the tea leaves start to turn colour, then remove the pan from the heat. Strain the tea into a cup, and savour your hot and refreshing sip of Masala adrak chai. 


Our monsoon evening plans are set, are yours? So, the next time you’re looking for solace on a rainy day, try making a cup of your Monsoon Chai with BudLeaf Tea. Impress your family with your culinary skills and enjoy this delicious tea with them. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the flavours and aroma, which will make you feel cosy and in bliss. Let this Masala chai recipe be your companion for an exceptional monsoon experience.