Queen’s Blend

Sukoon ka ehsaas jagaye

Zindagi ke bhag-daur ke beech

A blend of the finest long leaves and granules, created by some of the country’s best tasters and blenders. A perfect harmony of hue, aroma, and flavour, every sip of Queen’s Blend tea is a new symphony for the senses.

Golden Ray

Dudh ke saath, lajawab

Taste of hand-crafted orthodox leaves

When tea leaves processed entirely by hand are blended with high-quality CTC granules, the result is pure magic! Golden Ray tea adds a golden touch to milk tea that will be obvious from the very first sip.


Rich in fresh cardamom

With no artificial flavour

BudLeaf Elaichi tea is a class apart from general cardamom tea. It contains not even the slightest trace of artificial flavour or essence. Every tea grain carries the taste, aroma, and benefits of fresh cardamom. Take a sip into a whole new experience.


Strong CTC tea with Rang Mahek and Taazgi

Energize your day with a cup of strong tea

Budleaf Raaftar is a perfect blend of strong tea to recharge, rejuvenate and refresh, every moment of your day. Its strong color, aroma and tannin rush are specially crafted for those who inspire change.