Budleaf is a Company that reaches fresh and authentic taste of finest tea to the households, offices, communities and different social circles of our nation. We are a tea company connected to the remotest tea gardens of the nation with livewire distribution channels across India along with our own fully automated Processing Plant at Siliguri. We deliver best quality of tea to the tea lover of India.


To distribute the best available tea in India throughout the Nation and beyond.


To distribute the best available tea in India throughout the Nation and beyond.

Category of our Tea

The Advent of Tea Hospitality:

We Indians have the reputation of being great hosts from time immemorial. For us it was always ‘Atithi Debo Bhabo’ meaning ‘Guest is God’. Not very long ago, every visitor visiting any household was offered at least a glass of water. In earlier times that accompanied batasha, a dollop of jaggery or sugar to satisfy the taste buds of the person. Times have changed and so has the structure of households and society. Families have disintegrated into nuclear families with not many people to attend to the unexpected visitors or even the actual guests. Even the elaborate arrangements of special treatments with delectable snacks for the honoured guests are not much feasible for lack of manpower and the cost factor involved. Under such a transition in society ‘tea’ has come to the rescue of the people as an accepted means of treating our guests in our society.

Due to the effortless and cost-effective nature of serving this beverage, it has gradually established itself as a household as well as a formal ‘hot’ drink in various social circles for welcoming and relaxing sessions. To cope with the climactic condition of the nation too, people over here drink plenty of tea.