Best Summer Teas to Keep You Cool this Summer

Best Summer Teas to Keep You Cool this Summer

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With the sun shining and days extending into hot, lazy afternoons, the need to stay cool and hydrated evolves from a want to a necessity. It’s not about seeking shade or the nearest air conditioning unit in the heat, but finding creative ways to stay cool – physically and mentally. For those who enjoy tea, the summer season opens a can of worms, presenting a bounty of flavors that will soothe the palate and cool the heat.

This blog reveals the “best summer teas” and why these “tea for summer” selections are perfect for beating the heat.

Why Tea for Summer?

Tea is a particularly versatile beverage, fitting in with any season. This unique quality comes from its intrinsic flexibility, allowing it to be prepared and enjoyed in various forms – whether steeped hot and hearty for a winter’s night or served chilled and refreshing to beat the summer heat. In the warmer months, iced teas become popular, demonstrating that tea serves both as a calming ritual and a coolant on hot days.

The switch from a warm brew to an iced refreshment is more than a temperature change: it is a delightful switch right into a beverage that quenches thirst and refuels the body. Iced tea gained its high favourability in summer because it is refreshing and cools off from the heat. The ease of preparation – either by traditional brewing methods cooled with ice or by the cold brew method – where tea leaves steep in cold water to obtain a different flavor profile – makes iced tea practical for all-day hydration.

Top Best Summer Tea to Stay Cool

Mint Tea:

Mint has a light flavor and cooling properties and is a good summer tea. Iced mint tea can cool the body and cool the stomach. Mint tea is versatile: try plain or add honey, lemon, or a splash of lime for a citrusy twist.

Chamomile Tea:

An additional option for a summer time beverage is chamomile tea, because it has soothing effects. It has a floral, apple-like flavor that relaxes the senses and helps relax. Serve chamomile tea iced with strawberry or cucumber slices.

Hibiscus Tea:

Hibiscus tea has a cranberry color and tart flavor. It is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants and a healthy choice. Serve cold with a bit of sweetener or in sparkling water for a refreshing summer treat.

Green Tea:

A classic green tea is lightly caffeinated and full of health benefits. It contains many antioxidants and helps with digestion and metabolism. For a summer variation, cold-brew green tea with slices of peach or mint leaves.

Fruit Teas:

Fruit teas (tisanes) are made from fruit, herbs, and flowers. They’re naturally sweet and packed with flavor and make an exciting and refreshing summer drink. Summer favorites include peach, raspberry, and lemon, served iced with honey.

White Tea:

White tea may be the lightest and most delicate of the tea variations and is lightly sweet. It’s full of antioxidants and less processed than many other teas, so it’s a refreshing mild summer beverage. Serve on ice with a lemon slice or some jasmine petals.

Rooibos Tea:

Naturally caffeine-free and without tannins, Rooibos tea is suitable for every moment of the day. Its nutty and sweet flavor makes it a refreshing summer beverage. Brew using vanilla or almond extract for a sweet iced tea.

How to Make Perfect Summer Tea

Making the right cup of summer tea can make it more flavorful and cool. Here are some tips:

Cold Brew: Try cold brewing for smoother tea. Put tea leaves in ice-cold water and allow them to steep in the refrigerator overnight.

Infusions: Add fruits, herbs, or spices while brewing to add flavor. This goes well with base teas (green, white, or herbal teas).

Sweeteners: In case you prefer your tea sweeter, make use of natural sweeteners like agave or honey syrup. They are healthier options than processed sugar and add subtle flavor.

Ice: Use ice made from filtered water to avoid off-tastes. For something extra, freeze edible flowers or lemon slices in your ice cubes.


The best tea for summer depends on personal preference and benefits. Whether you prefer the sharpness of hibiscus or the sweetness of white tea, there’s the best summer tea to keep everyone cool while tasting great. So go ahead and make a pitcher of your favorite icy infusion, find a nook, and enjoy the relaxing effects of summer teas. Enjoy the season with these refreshing “tea for summer” options and stay cool and hydrated all summer!