Benefits Of Masala Chai

Benefits Of Masala Chai

A cup of Masala chai and its ingredients

Masala tea is very popular in India because of its flavour and aroma. It’s widely recognised that drinking the ideal amount of masala tea will keep you healthy and avoid a variety of illnesses. Several ingredients, including cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and cinnamon, are combined to make masala tea. There won’t be two identical cups of masala chai because every manufacturer and tea connoisseur have their own combination of masala tea components. Despite this, the basic components are mostly unchanged.

Here are a few masala tea benefits that every tea lover should know:

Antioxidants Properties

Antioxidants, which lower the number of free radicals in our bodies, encourage cellular growth, and may even help prevent degenerative diseases, are abundant in masala chai.

On the other hand, black tea has a remarkable amount of antioxidants. Additionally rich in antioxidants are cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

Increases immunity

Because it contains cinnamon and basil leaves, masala chai is regarded as the best natural immune booster ever.

It provides a number of health benefits and helps avoid several ailments. For generations, people have been using basil and cinnamon to stop blood clots and other concerns.

The clove strengthens our immune system as well. 

Boosts Vitality and Alertness

Black tea is the primary ingredient in masala chai. You’ll feel a surge of energy from the caffeine, which is slightly present in it.

You can take the masala chai without any reservations as it produces balanced energy that is precisely a healthy and natural stimulant. Black tea’s caffeine promotes focus and attention.

Fights against Cold

A cup of masala chai can help reduce cold symptoms or even stop them altogether if you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Black tea’s antiviral properties may help in the treatment of common illnesses including the flu and the common cold. Ginger has antimicrobial properties that can help heal illnesses like strep throat. 

Additionally, masala chai is a great choice if you have a cold because of the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. 

Minimises Inflammation

This beverage, which is frequently referred to as masala chai, is made with a variety of spices, with ginger playing a particularly major role. Masala tea, therefore, has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have shown that ginger has many health benefits for people. Clove is another component of masala tea. Because it reduces inflammation, it is frequently used as a painkiller.

Promotes Digestion

Elaichi, tulsi, and clove are among the ingredients in masala tea which help with digestion. The impact is intensified when ginger is added to the concoction. It provides a revitalising and relaxing effect on the body. Make sure to drink masala tea with elaichi if you have digestive issues because it enhances saliva production.


Masala tea is fairly easy to make at home and is available at most department stores. Masala chai is the perfect beverage for you due to its benefits. These benefits of masala chai are what makes it one of the most popular beverages in India.

You will experience an improvement in your general health and appetite if you regularly consume masala chai. 

Experience the multiple health benefits of masala tea and remain stress-free.